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Blogging Again: A New Adventure


Are you surprised?  I know I am!  I had always wondered when and if God would call me back to this blog again.  Here we are.  A grand new adventure.  Where do I begin this story?  I think it goes back a ways, but I think I will start where we are and weave back to where it began.

So the news today, we are moving.  Chad has accepted a position as an Operations Manager at Young Life’s newest camp on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Tudor Farms.  How we got to this place is nothing short of a million prayers and miracles…some of which I didn’t even know I was praying, they were just longings and feelings that I knew there was something that we had planned for that had not yet been realized.  God was still working out so many details and so much time had to pass so that all things could work out in his timing.

This will no doubt involve many changes for our family.  The first is a big move…actually in stages.  Chad is moving on January 12, Samuel (5th grade) will be joining him on January 19 *sob*.  The other 4 of us will remain for the rest of the school year.  The girls are both seniors and Thomas is a junior.  We will be selling the house and moving in at some point with very generous friends.  🙂  During this time Samuel and Chad will be renovating our 95 year old farmhouse that will be our home come mid-June when we are all reunited in Maryland!  I think that is all the news I can manage for today…I will keep you posted and will post pictures as time goes by, especially of our farmhouse reno!

love, amy