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A New Year, and God is not done yet!


Well here we at our second Christmas.  Our second New Year’s.  Wow.  So much has happened…let me give you an update!

Vanessa is in the 9th grade. I am so proud of her,  truly, Vanessa has amazed us.  As of this very moment her average in Algebra I is a 103.  She struggled horribly with Pre-Algebra last year and we were so nervous about Algebra this year but she has rocked it out!  She has done the same in her other classes.  She has also jumped right into high school life, from clubs, to sports, to Young Life.  It has been great to see and another way that God continues to show us his goodness.

We are so thrilled to be on our second year…we had a fabulous “Gotcha Day” party in August to celebrate her being here with us for one year.  It was so wonderful to see so many who have prayed for us and loved us and her all together in one place.  It was also special to have Vanessa’s friends with us as well.  I think it was very cool for her to get to celebrate being adopted with her friends.  It sets her apart as something so very special.

I could make this post go on forever…but I really have one particular thing to share that has just happened.   Just before Christmas we got a call from our adoption agency asking us if we would be willing to share part of our story for the local news as a way to promote older child adoption as well as the summer hosting program that our agency has.  I immediately said yes…bolted out of Kohl’s and ran home to shred my house in preparation for them coming the VERY NEXT MORNING.  Fortunately, before I got too far she called me back and asked if we could switch it until January 2.  Whew.  Crisis averted.

As our 2 weeks of Christmas break passed by we talked a lot about what would be happening when they were here.  We were all excited to share in this together and also so excited to see how many kids might get adopted or hosted because of our story.  We also might or might not have cleaned our house within an inch of our lives and *someone* might have talked herself into buying all new pillows for the sofa.  Then on Jan 1 we got the email that they wanted to change it to the 4th…now I am frustrated.  But on the 3rd we got the email that they were indeed coming on the 4th at 1:30.  The kids were excited to get out of school early and I was thrilled because I don’t work on Friday!  More time to clean!!  On the 4th Chad and I went out to breakfast and I did do some cleaning but not as insane as I thought I might….someone did mention that if I made it too perfect the average family would think they couldn’t do it.  Then as I was on my way to the school to pick Samuel up I found myself praying, just praying to God that he would be glorified and that whatever he wanted would happen and please just help us be brave and maybe make my kids look like they don’t wrestle on the floor all the time.  And that was when I heard it.  God said, so deeply in my soul that it could only be him…”I am not done yet.”  The heaviness of those words were incredible…the weight in my heart is indescribable.  I am not done yet.  Part of that makes me shake in my boots and then another part thrills me to the core.

I might have mentioned before how quick I am to forget?  Well I am in a stage where I have forgotten how tenderly and perfectly the Lord cared for us during all the months of waiting, in the first months of arriving, during our struggles and during our joys.  For some reason I keep thinking that now we are “settled” that all his attention is gone.  That our story is over.  But it’s not over!  Now we have the chance for even more kids to be adopted because of our story!  Who knows where this will lead in the future.  And even if it only leads to this one news story and even one kid being adopted it is one more way of God showing us He is not done yet.  Not done with our story (it’s not over), not done with Vanessa (she is His precious daughter), not done with me (he will never leave me or forsake me.)  I am so excited to see what will happen next!  And I so badly want to continue to remember that God is not done with us yet.  He will never be done until Christ returns, and what a GLORIOUS day that will be!