It is hard to believe that it was Valentine’s Day the last time I posted on here!  I guess no news is good news right?  We have continued to move right along.  Some days are unbelievable.  So much joy in our home and so much harmony that it is impossible to believe that she has been home a mere 8 and a half months.  And then other days there is still an air of uncertainty.  I find that there are things I don’t know how to parent.  I find that attachment may be an ever elusive term.  How do you know when you are there?  How will we know that we are attached?  When will she believe that she is really staying forever?  I think she knows it in her head…but when will she believe it with her heart?

This is really God’s story….NOT MINE!  It only is mine in the sense that I get to show off his glory in our lives.  That is the beauty of following God into his kingdom.  There are moments where I feel discouraged, I guess that is really true of all parenting, but there are moments when God whispers to me, “Look how far she has come.”  And she has…we all have.  And by God’s unending grace we will continue to move forward.

For all intents and purposes and from a world view Vanessa is doing great!  She sings, she dances, she has friends that she hangs out with…she does homework, goes to youth group and watches movies with her siblings.  I want you all to know how very happy she is!  She is a very different girl than the one we brought home.  She was OH SO SHY when we first arrived in the Philippines to pick her up and in the first weeks home.  I honestly thought that “shy” was just her personality.  Nope.  Maybe it is the bad influence of our very loud family, or maybe it is the security of home.  But she is no longer the once shy girl we brought home in August.

We have been blessed.  We have had the privilege of watching other adoptive families bring their children home.  We have been blessed to talk to several families interested in adoption about our experience.  Some have made the decision to move forward and some have not…which again is all God’s plan.

Here are some pics from the Spring…


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