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Valentine’s Day Card, from Chad


I don’t know about you but I hate picking out V-Day cards.  It is hard to find one card that says it all so I end up settling for a card and adding a few words of my own.  This year I found myself reflecting a little more on the whole love thing and what I wanted to express to Amy…after all, this has been quite a year for all of us and no card can even begin to express my feelings and gratitude for her. 

So, I decided to write a blog post instead of spending a small fortune on a card…I am not sure if this follows the blog etiquette, but you can send your complaints to Amy since it is her blog! 

When I think about the past six months these words come to mind:  grace, patience, and courage.  As a family we have learned so much during the transition of Team Martin.  I am proud of the courage that all our children have displayed and God has given us just enough patience and grace when we needed it.  When I look back I often ask “how did we do it?”  God’s grace continues to be sufficient and we give Him all the glory for His faithfulness. (Psalm 115:1)

In addition to God’s grace a lot of credit goes to Amy for modeling and living out grace, patience, and courage for our family.  I am proud of her and while she would never admit it, she has been strong and brave.  I’ve read Proverbs 31 and there are a lot of things in there about a wife, but here are some of the reasons (not found in a card) that I love my wife and the mother of my children…

  • After returning from the Philippines during her first trip she didn’t pressure me to go back, but simply said, “I am just going to pray that God will lead us and He will get you there if that is His plan”
  • She worked tirelessly to complete all the adoption papers and process in record time because she said WE have to get our girl home…We have missed too much of her life already.
  • She also continues to work with our adoption agency to speak with families who are considering adoption and is the number 1 supporter of those children that need homes. 
  • She isn’t afraid to say that sometimes being a mother of four and navigating this transition is hard and some days just plain sucks
  • She always finds time to meet with ladies for coffee who just need to talk and is willing to listen even when she doesn’t have all the answers
  • She always adds that special touch that makes us feel special…I have always said she is the fine china in my paper plate life. 
  • She keeps me accountable and reminds me that life isn’t always neat and tidy
  • She’s my biggest cheerleader and believes in me…even when I fail.
  • She isn’t afraid to say, “don’t talk to me until after I’ve had my coffee” and “I hate mornings”
  • She reminds our children about the important things in life even when they don’t want to hear it
  • She’s never met a stranger and loves people and believes God is enough

I thought about closing with a verse from Proverbs 31, but instead I decided to quote a country song by Alabama…”She’s close enough to perfect for me”.   You see…life is hard and following Jesus isn’t always easy…it’s messy and complicated…the path is not always smooth.  Having a wife who gets this and is still willing to stay on the journey with us is enough for me. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Can You Believe It??


Well I can’t…I am sure you are shocked that I am blogging.  But that is actually not the ‘Can you believe it?’ that I am referring to.  What I can’t believe is that tomorrow will be one YEAR since I went into the office at Christian Adoption Services with my application and a check…and shaking hands and a commitment to adopt Vanessa.  This past weekend was one year since the longest 3 days of my life.  The three days in which Chad and I threw caution to the wind, squelched a million fears, and took a leap of faith.  Saying “Yes” to God was not easy.  It was terrifying.  But at one point in the weekend I remember lying in our bed, in the dark of night, talking and wondering about all the what-ifs.  We talked about obedience.  We talked about our 3 bio kids and what this would mean for them.  We talked about Vanessa and what this would mean for her.  We talked about money.  We talked about everything.  And then we landed on that we knew that we knew that we knew that this is what God was calling us to.  No matter what.  What we really did was decide to die to ourselves and our wants and say yes to the kingdom of God.  I really believe that.  And let me promise you, as terrifying as it was, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  One thing that Chad said that will always stick with me is, “What if we said no and missed something wonderful God had for us?”  Let me promise you, we would have missed something wonderful.  I would have missed having another daughter, Lizzie having a sister, and my boys having another sister.  We would have missed God providing every single penny we needed for our adoption!  I would have missed having four children.  Do you know how I LOVE to say to people that I have FOUR kids???  And how I love even more the chance to tell them that God did it???  That he grew our family again when we didn’t expect it, or plan it, or even dream it, he did it anyway.  Because he loves us, and he loves our daughter.  Do you know how humbled I am that God would trust me to parent her?  A sweet girl so in need of parenting…that he would consider Chad and I worthy of being her parents still knocks me straight to my knees.

We have learned a million lessons, maybe more.  One of my favorites is that when you say YES, you better be ready and then you better get out of the way, because God is about to SHOW UP!  And oh, how he has shown up…my relationship with the Lord (and Chad’s too I am safe to say) has gone to such a level that I never thought possible.  I trust him about a million times more with everything in my life.  And I thought I trusted him before!  When I say God called us to this, I think it doesn’t sound like a strong enough phrase.  I feel that God has called me to things before, like marrying Chad, or becoming a mother, or women’s ministry.  But THIS calling was so strong…we felt like we were flying high right smack in the middle of God’s will and it is by far my favorite place to be.  I want him to call me to something else, so I can be there again.  I loved it.  I wish I could find a way to find that feeling in my everyday life, not just in the big things. 

Some things about this journey have been very hard, I will not lie.  But God has been tender with us and handled us so gently.  There is much left to this journey.  On February 16th, Vanessa will have been here 6 months and she will OFFICIALLY be ours…her name will officially change and our adoption will be final.  In some ways I though we would be farther by this point and in other areas, I can’t believe we’ve come this far.  We realize that is just how it is and that we keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Please know that we still have hard days…I think a lot of people thought the hard part was over when we got home.  In actuality, everything leading up to our landing at the airport was the Prologue.  When we stepped off the airplane we started Chapter 1. Vanessa is doing beautifully at school and in all of her relationships, both at home and school.  We are waiting for that magic moment when we think she really believes that we will be her parents forever.  I am waiting with much anticipation for her to call me Mom.  I know it is worth the wait, because when she says it, she will mean it.  I would rather wait than have it be empty.  She did however, write a note to me that started with “Mom-” this week so I see progress.  🙂  I savor every baby step we take!

I feel that I have rambled on too long!  Keep praying for us!  We love and cherish your prayers and involvement more that you will ever know!  I will try to blog more often!