12 Weeks!


So hard to believe!  Our girl has been home for 12 weeks today!  We have our three-month visit from the social worker on next Tuesday…so hard to believe.  In some ways it still feels like we just  got home and in other ways it feels like she has been home forever. 

We certainly feel like we are starting to settle a little.  🙂  School and homework continue to be a time warp that no one in our family enjoys, but everyone is doing well and moving forward.  Vanessa is certainly getting into the groove of school a little more.  She is the manager for our school basketball team and is really enjoying her time with all those girls every afternoon.  Their first game is tomorrow. 

Thank you for your continued prayers…they bathe us with His grace and give us strength.  Of this truth we are certain. There is so much I want to tell you about what we have been learning, but I am afraid I would not do the story justice at this point.  I am guessing it may take a while longer and better perspective before I can really put it all into words.  Just know that we have learned a lot so far, a lot about grace and mercy. We have learned about  just waiting and praying for the Lord to move and heal and redeem.  And He never fails.  I am sure we will continue to feel this way for many months to come, but for today, we feel good.  Really good!

We are enjoying the fall season, the beautiful leaves and all the fun that comes with this time of year.  Vanessa thoroughly enjoyed her first Halloween and trick-or-treating experience and was not ready to quit even after the big kids did our neighborhood and the neighborhood next door.  She doesn’t even really like candy, but she LOVED trick-or-treating!  We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in Augusta with Chad’s family and staying home for Christmas with my family. 

I am going to put up another post in a little while with just photos, but am too lazy to load them into the computer right now…Halloween costumes are always a riot at my house  🙂



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