A New Adventure


Well, our sweet girl started school last Friday and had a great day!  For all of you who prayed GOD ANSWERED.  She did meet a friend on the very first day, a girl who is in each and every one of her classes (miracle).  She talked about her several times this weekend and was looking forward to seeing her this morning.  I am so thankful.  As you can imagine she got a fair amount of attention from the *ahem* boys.  Her dad told her this weekend to let them know that he has guns…  🙂  She thought that was hilarious.  Which makes me wonder if she has ever hoped for a man to FIGHT for her honor.  Even if she hasn’t known to hope for that, she has it now.  And I think she likes it. 

I asked her if she is starting to feel a little like this is her home, or does it still feel like a vacation.  She says she is not sure, but I see little things from time to time that make ME think she is starting to feel more at home here.  She gets food without asking which is a HUGE step from where we were in the beginning and she also is willing to tell me what she wants, even though it takes a while sometimes. 

All in all I think we are settling in very well.  The charade is coming to an end and I feel like she is experiencing the “real us”.  I read a great blog post today that talked about “Fake Family“.  HOW TRUE IT IS in adoption!  I had this vision of how our family would be once she arrived and really, we are the same ole messed up people we were before…we just added a new person.  Fortunately, our new person is crazy also and loves to sing and dance just like the rest of us!  You don’t get a fake family when you get adopted, you get a real one, and I am certain we are the right one for her.



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  1. Hi Amy;

    Such a great blog (report) once again…. Blessings on your “real” family…. as I say just like the family of God we are accepted with bumps, warts and all…. 🙂

    Love you all


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