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Day 1


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Chad is going to write for me as I have a terrible headache I can’t kick. But I wanted to post some photos. There is so much emotion here…the pictures can hardly convey it.
Many of these photos are us signing the transfer of custody papers and then the luncheon afterward. I couldn’t help posting Danilo, the Little’s sponsored child who has literally become Chad’s shadow. Vanessa has a LOT more pics on her camera. I will get her card and post some of them as well. We love you all. This experience has exceeded all of our expectations so far. Love….Amy











Hi everybody! It is midnight Tuesday night in the Philippines…we have just gotten to the guest house.  After 1 very and two moderatelylong flights we are here!  Vanessa was at the airport waiting for us…it was awesome to see her sweet face!  More tomorrow and some pictures  🙂


1 more day!!!!!


Ok friends, this is it…in a little over 24 hours we will be boarding the first of three flights…first to Minneapolis, then to Tokyo, and then finally to Manila.  We are packed, we have maxed out our 4 suitcases (each weighing close to the allotted 50 pounds) filled with goodies for everybody there, plus a few outfits for Chad and I 🙂  We have prepared all of our travel documents and wrapped gifts.

I have gotten everything ready for our kids here to be away for 8 days…they will be staying between 2 friends and then ending with my parents.  Now I wonder, are their hearts ready?  Dropping them off in the morning is truly going to be gut-wrenching…the same as when I went to the hospital to deliver Samuel.  I know I have mentioned it before, but it is an identical experience.  As a mom I know that there will be challenges ahead for them, the trick is remembering that challenges aren’t what kill us, they are what refine us.  God loves my children (all 4 of them) so much more than I do, and He is ultimately going to do a great work in their lives through the challenges they experience.

I am sure Vanessa is shaking in her boots (or flip flops I guess I should say).  We have the challenge of having about 6 days with her to build some sort of trust between us so that we can get on the airplane and fly back for 25 hours.  Pray for sweet times while we get to know each other.   I can’t wait to get my hands on her, but she and Chad will be meeting for the first time.  I pray each one of us, Chad, Vanessa, and I would only have our decisions confirmed by our time together.

Please pray for all of us…we are walking into a big gaping unknown.  But the One who brought us to this…He is not afraid.  So I will trust Him with all of our lives and pray above all that His glory would SHINE….




Just Another Flight


As many of you know my career requires me to travel quite a bit.  So I spend a lot of time in airports.  I know it may sound strange, but I actually enjoy it.  During slow travel periods I often feel out of sorts when I am not going in and out of the airport.  People usually ask me, “how was your flight?” and I normally say uneventful or just another flight. 

On Monday Amy and I will board a 25 hour flight that will take us halfway around the world.  Needless to say this will not be “just another flight”.  This flight will change our lives and the lives of our children forever.  While we don’t know what to fully expect we do know there will be change.  We will board this flight with both excitement and fear. 

When I think of the journey and what lies ahead I find myself thinking…you are way in over your head…there must be thousands of families and men more capable of leading this journey.  I had a colleague tell me this week that we are very courageous and brave. 

At that moment I got this sick feeling in my stomach and I was reminded of Vanessa.  She is the brave and courageous one.  When this trip is over I will return to my own bed, my own community, and my normal way of life.  While she on the other hand is leaving everything she has every known…her community, her country, her friends, and her way of life.  Now that is courageous!  She is leaving all that behind to join a crazy family from Waxhaw, NC (where is that place anyway?). 

As I reflect on all the events from the past 7 months and think about the transition ahead I am comforted by the story of Moses in Exodus 3.  When God said, He was sending Moses to bring His people out of Egypt…Moses asked, Who am I, that I should go do this?  God simply said, I will be with you. (paraphrased) 

So as I prepare for not “just another flight”, I move forward with the promise that God will be with each of us and Vanessa as we find our strength in him. 

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.  Chad

5 DAYS!!!!


wow.  I am not sure I ever thought I would be here.  This experience has now become completely surreal.  Chad thinks my body is already switching to Filipino time because I am waking up at about 3-4 am every morning.  No, sweetie, that would be called extreme stress and excitement combined…maybe it will help me upon my arrival and battle with jetlag to be completely exhausted.  I have a feeling adrenaline will take over at some point though (especially once I am with my girl) and prevent the crash.  Not sleeping drastically improves my overall productivity.  This morning I have written up schedules for each person keeping my children over the 8 days, made a plan for today, and folded a load of laundry.

I have bought and filled TWO suitcases with formula (10 giant cans), diapers, wipes, and diaper cream for the nursery….I CAN’T WAIT to give it to them.  THANK YOU to my awesome church for sponsoring this part for us!!!  I have also come up with a great plan for a bunch of gifts we are taking over for the staff of the children’s home.  I am so excited about what we have chosen! They will be delivered on Friday.  I will share later, in case anyone is reading 🙂

So that is it…I am somewhat coherent if anyone wants to call me, but be warned….only somewhat.  Yesterday I was sitting in a parking lot texting Chad and after I hit send I put the phone to my ear as if he were going to respond..???  I sat there in my car for about 10 seconds until I realized, ahem, he wasn’t talking….


7 Days


I sure hope you all are loving the countdown, I sure am  🙂  So far today I have watched my sweet Thomas try out for (and make) the cross country team for the middle school.  I have had coffee and a sweet time with a dear friend who is on furlough from Costa Rica.  We are getting a new roof today, thank you hail damage, and my dog has barked more than usual.  If you know Georgia, you know that is quite a problem.

Lizzie and I went to get our “traveling pedicures”.  She is traveling to friends and grandparents while I travel to the Philippines.  I had not planned on getting one but she said I had to because it will be our last time.  I was like “huh???”  And then I caught her drift…last time.  ever.  With just she and I.  {Insert Nostalgia}  I promised her we WILL do it together again but I know what she means.  There’s a change a-coming and who knows…well, I know who knows…God knows.  Just not me yet.  🙂

And as I sit here with all of my worries my mind is constantly on our sweet daughter on the other side of the Pacific…if WE are worried about the changes HOW ON EARTH must she be feeling.  I know how I felt before moving houses…paralyzed.  And I wasn’t changing countries, cultures, and especially not families.  I pray that the Lord is protecting her heart from pure terror!  She has more courage than I can imagine…I am already so proud to be the mom of such a courageous girl who is willing to take a bigger risk than I HAVE EVER TAKEN.  What a tremendous act of faith.  I have recently learned that without faith we cannot take risks and taking risks increases our faith.  Her faith clearly can move mountains.  My prayer is, “God, love her so completely in this next week that she has very little fear because she knows YOUR LOVE goes with her wherever she goes.”