Last Day in Manila


Today was our last morning at the YMC…we left the children’s home, said our good byes and drove away. It was emotional to say the least, but so much easier than I imagined. I think it was harder for me in a way than it was for Vanessa. She is so excited. After visiting the ICAB and collecting our girl’s passport and visa we came to the Marriott…it is awesome!!! Vanessa got a pedicure at the salon and I got a manicure. Now we are hanging out watching “Father of the Bride”, my all- time favorite movie! Vanessa keeps saying, “this is funny!”. She is so sweet and loves everything so much, especially the elevators. She is freezing in the a/c so I am glad I brought a hoodie for her. We leave for the airport at 3:30 am. Yippee!!! We can’t wait to be on US soil again, but truly are leaving a part of our hearts in this special land where our daughter spent her first 15 years. See you all soon!
Love, Amy












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  1. I am crying tears of joy seeing you, Chad, and Vanessa look so happy! I can’t wait to meet her! Praying for your safe return!

  2. Amazing!!! Praying for a sweet, sweet reunion of your entire family and for rest, peace, joy, grace and love to abound in the days, weeks and months to come. Love you and cannot WAIT to hug you and hug that sweet girl!

  3. Vanessa is BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for her getting such a wonderful family and for your family getting such a wonderful young lady. May God bless you all in a mighty way.


    Margie Mangham

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