Day 3


Yesterday was a whirlwind. We were in the car from 11 am until 8:30 pm with dinner at the end. Glad to have all that done!!! Today, Saturday we are going to community feeding together and then to an Ateneo college basketball game. Looking forward to it all. Here are a few more photos. As I look through them I realize I am so busy being in the moment that I am not taking nearly enough photos to really convey our experience. The dessert we are eating is called hallo-hallo. Ice cream made from purple sweet potatoes, and then mixed with custard, field peas, jellies, fruits and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was interesting, but not really my favorite. It is Vanessa’s favorite, no doubt.






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  1. you know i never even tried halo halo…. and there just so happens to be a few Jollibees near my house. So if she ever has the urge, it’s only a short flight away 🙂

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