Day 2


Ok. It is Friday morning here and we have a crazy busy day today. Yesterday was a little more laid back from the first. We went shopping at a very cool market/mall and bought a few things and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. It was fun to see her shyness fade a little, especially in the car as she told us all about what had gone on the night before at her youth group farewell party. These parties are often very emotional (we went to one with her classmates and it was gut wrenching) but her best friends worked HARD to make it fun and funny for her. They even told me they didn’t want it to be sad.
Then yesterday afternoon the girls went down and packed up what Vanessa is bringing home and figured out who she is giving it other things to. I went down and took them some Hershey bars and ended up staying forever laughing and joking with them and looking through the items that represent the last 6 years of her life. Precious with all the girls!
We are off today to the embassy where she has to go to a class for two and a half hours. It is about 3 hours there with traffic so that makes for a long day!!! Thank you all so much for your prayers and comments! We love seeing them. Blessings, Amy


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  1. Good to hear things are going well. We are looking forward to the 3 of you coming home. Praying the rest of your trip goes well and that your trip home will be safe and sweet. Mom and Dad

  2. Amy,

    Love to hear the details. I know she will be homesick for a while when she gets here but we will do our best to make her feel like she is “home” and soon enough it will be :). Looking forward to your return.


  3. Awesome. We hope it is a great day and will pray for that. Loved seeing the photos too. Chad looks like he is feeling the love of the little ones. Great stuff.

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