Just Another Flight


As many of you know my career requires me to travel quite a bit.  So I spend a lot of time in airports.  I know it may sound strange, but I actually enjoy it.  During slow travel periods I often feel out of sorts when I am not going in and out of the airport.  People usually ask me, “how was your flight?” and I normally say uneventful or just another flight. 

On Monday Amy and I will board a 25 hour flight that will take us halfway around the world.  Needless to say this will not be “just another flight”.  This flight will change our lives and the lives of our children forever.  While we don’t know what to fully expect we do know there will be change.  We will board this flight with both excitement and fear. 

When I think of the journey and what lies ahead I find myself thinking…you are way in over your head…there must be thousands of families and men more capable of leading this journey.  I had a colleague tell me this week that we are very courageous and brave. 

At that moment I got this sick feeling in my stomach and I was reminded of Vanessa.  She is the brave and courageous one.  When this trip is over I will return to my own bed, my own community, and my normal way of life.  While she on the other hand is leaving everything she has every known…her community, her country, her friends, and her way of life.  Now that is courageous!  She is leaving all that behind to join a crazy family from Waxhaw, NC (where is that place anyway?). 

As I reflect on all the events from the past 7 months and think about the transition ahead I am comforted by the story of Moses in Exodus 3.  When God said, He was sending Moses to bring His people out of Egypt…Moses asked, Who am I, that I should go do this?  God simply said, I will be with you. (paraphrased) 

So as I prepare for not “just another flight”, I move forward with the promise that God will be with each of us and Vanessa as we find our strength in him. 

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.  Chad


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  1. Thanks Chad,
    We can totally relate, although we adopted our baby domestically and 11 yrs later she still brings a totally different vibe to our home(she’s ethnically different) and we are soooo thankful we were open to God’s whispers…praying for you all as the adventure begins!

    We’ll have to have a cookout once things are slightly normal….if our 2 husbands can stay off of airplanes long enough!

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