5 DAYS!!!!


wow.  I am not sure I ever thought I would be here.  This experience has now become completely surreal.  Chad thinks my body is already switching to Filipino time because I am waking up at about 3-4 am every morning.  No, sweetie, that would be called extreme stress and excitement combined…maybe it will help me upon my arrival and battle with jetlag to be completely exhausted.  I have a feeling adrenaline will take over at some point though (especially once I am with my girl) and prevent the crash.  Not sleeping drastically improves my overall productivity.  This morning I have written up schedules for each person keeping my children over the 8 days, made a plan for today, and folded a load of laundry.

I have bought and filled TWO suitcases with formula (10 giant cans), diapers, wipes, and diaper cream for the nursery….I CAN’T WAIT to give it to them.  THANK YOU to my awesome church for sponsoring this part for us!!!  I have also come up with a great plan for a bunch of gifts we are taking over for the staff of the children’s home.  I am so excited about what we have chosen! They will be delivered on Friday.  I will share later, in case anyone is reading 🙂

So that is it…I am somewhat coherent if anyone wants to call me, but be warned….only somewhat.  Yesterday I was sitting in a parking lot texting Chad and after I hit send I put the phone to my ear as if he were going to respond..???  I sat there in my car for about 10 seconds until I realized, ahem, he wasn’t talking….



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