8 Days


We have had such a wonderful day today!  We had a great service at church (awesome worship) this morning followed by lunch with our favorite lunch buddies @McAllister’s!  Then we went off to Target to have some fun.  I think we have bought ALL but 2 gifts that we need to buy and a WHOLE SUITCASE full of formula, diapers, and wipes to benefit the children’s home where she has lived the past 5 years.

I loved seeing everyone at church today and seeing everyone’s excitement for us…what a blessing.  We feel like we are moving right along and SO READY to get on the plane!!!  I have even written out medical consent forms for each person caring for my kids and have made a PLAN!  Thank you for praying!



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  1. Amy – We’re cheering for you! What a huge range of emotions you must be feeling. So glad to have bumped into you electronically. We love you guys and look forward to hearing more as your story unfolds. Blessings! Julie

    (ps – I tried to respond to your blog comment, but I can’t figure it all out!! A bit technologically challenged. Glad that our hearts have connected yet again.)

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