9 days


In nine days we will be on our way…so hard to believe after so much waiting.

Today Thomas and Chad are in the mountains at a dad/son hiking day…Lizzie and I went to a baby shower for a neighbor…and Samuel has done what he does best…ridden bikes and played cops and robbers with his friends.

As of yesterday ALL of our travel plans are complete with the exception of our hotel reservations for the last night there.  We have begun planning and purchasing gifts for the kids, the orphanage workers, and the people at the adoption headquarters in the Philippines.  Whew….

Tomorrow I am making a plan for all of our clothes so that what is clean won’t need to be washed again and I can plan mostly for the kids.  I think I have the kids pretty settled for their week away from home and have started on a plan for the dog.  I would also love to make another freezer meal or two to have here when we get home.

All of this keeps me busy and makes me feel like I am at the end of a pregnancy.  Emotions included.  I have even scrubbed out the refrigerator 🙂  I am feeling exactly how I did both times the night before I added a baby to our family.  I felt sad every time that I was bringing another person in…not sure why because every time I brought a new person home it has been an incredible blessing.  I think it is more a sadness that our family will never be like *this* ever again.  It won’t be bad, just different.  And I like how it is now.  I know that I will like how it is later too!  🙂  I especially felt this way when Samuel came. We had been a family of 4 for 5 and a half years before he was born.  Now we have been a family of 5 for 6 years.  I know we will look back and remember before but also see the beauty of the now!

Looking forward to the craziness of the coming week!  Welcome to my insanity.



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  1. Oh Amy,
    Your heart is soooo precious. Seriously, our family of six is so full of comings and goings we can barely keep up with it some days. But God is His infinite wisdom wove our family together through foster parenting first, then adoption, and someday both of our big families will grow to include in-laws(gasp!) …hang in there, it’s an adventure! Praying for you!

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