Blessings, Beth Moore, and Some Awesome Friends


What a weekend!  On the weekend I had originally thought we could be coming home from the Philippines, God had something else in mind.  As much as I would have loved to be getting off the plane, I can now see the perfect provision in His plans.  I bought a last minute ticket to Beth Moore here in Charlotte and ended up finding out that only one person I know was going who didn’t have anyone to go with at the time.  My awesome husband got us a room at the Hilton downtown…we were ready to have girls’ night away!  Then I realized on Monday that another friend would love to go, so she got a ticket and we were set!  We left early on Friday so that we could check in, get settled, and eat dinner before Beth got started!

It was simply incredible…Beth’s teaching really touched me as her focus for the weekend was HOLD FAST.  She gave a lot of points that I know I will use in the future regarding the “hold fast” phrase, but her main point (and the one I intend to remember forever and always) is that God never let go of us…he is “holding fast” but we must choose day by day and sometimes minute by minute to hold fast to him!  And by Hold Fast she means holding fast so tightly that nothing can pass in between the two.  It is what makes life work…not a promise of fun or easy…but it works.  I think HOLD FAST is my message to carry with me…but the message I also received for the “now” is part of our same passage we studied in Deuteronomy, it is Deut 10:29 and it says, He is your praise; He is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.  Such a perfect reminder to me in my waiting that God has done so many incredible things throughout the process of this adoption…why do I expect Him to forget us now?  He WILL give us the desires of our heart and perfect timing of processing.  I have stressed myself out so much over when we will travel that I continually forget who is in charge.

And then, after I arrived home I was blessed with an incredible evening!  Our neighbors had me for dinner (Chad and the kids were in Georgia) and their sister-in-law is Filipino.  She taught me how to make two dishes, Lumpia and Adobo and then gave me all the “pantry” ingredients that she had bought at the Asian market.  She had also bought some snacks that she knew Vanessa would be used to and gave us a little stockpile in our pantry…we ate a delicious meal and left enough uncooked Lumpia for me to freeze to cook after Vanessa comes home.  I already have another freezer meal!!  Both families were genuinely excited for us and enjoyed teaching me how to cook a few things.  What a tremendous blessing and a FUN EVENING!

In addition to that, the kids had a great weekend in Georgia celebrating Chad’s Papa’s 90th birthday!  They had a fun weekend swimming in the pool and celebrating.

On the adoption front, we don’t know anything new…when we know anything, we will be on our way.  🙂  I am thinking of calling the embassy again tonight although I am not sure they will be able to tell me anything.  I will let you know as soon as I do.



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  1. How exciting!!!! I’m not too far away from Charlotte (I’m in TN) so I really wish I could have been to see Beth Moore! Praying for you with the adoption!

    Love your blog! I blog at ‘Only A Breath’ and I love meeting other Christian bloggers! I’m your newest follower 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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