The List


At the advice of my sister I have started a list of things I have to do/arrange before Chad and I can travel.  I did it yesterday and have actually checked some things off!  I spoke with my case worker earlier this week and he is talking to the ICAB again on Friday morning to hopefully get our dates a little more in stone.  We are mere weeks from travel…that is so hard to believe!  The way it is looking she should be home before the beginning of school and more importantly, before her birthday.  I was really struggling with the thought of missing that.  I mean really. struggling.  I know God’s timing is perfect and all that stuff I have said before, but on this one, my heart was not understanding on the same level.

Speaking of my heart…I am so excited to be going to see Beth Moore here in Charlotte on Friday and will be staying in a hotel downtown with 2 other awesome ladies from my church!  One of the few perks of Chad’s travel schedule is free hotels =)  I am really looking forward to a time of refreshment from Beth at a time when I really need it and am so scatter-brained I can barely pray!  Thank you all for sticking with us!



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