No Luck @ the embassy…yet


After finding out that Windstream had blocked (?) my international calling privileges I called Verizon and added and international calling plan that is actually better than Windstream’s!  I talked to a woman named Elizabeth at Verizon and only told her a less than 10 second version of why I needed this international calling plan to which she got choked up and thanked me right then and again at the end of our call for being willing to take a child into our home.  She said she was so glad to get to talk to me.  So strange the responses we get some times.  I have to believe that God is touching people on some level with even the smallest bits of information.

I called the Embassy two times…talking only to a receptionist.  She sent me to the two extensions I requested.  One had a full voicemail box, so it sent me back to her and the other had a message that said, “We are sorry, no one can help you at this time.  Please call back at another time.  Good-bye”  (click)  So disappointing.  And by this time it was 11:30pm, remember that 12 hour time difference??  Anyway, I guess I will try again Sunday, and then Monday, and then….well you get the idea.  Hopefully at some point I will get through and be able to give a bona fide update as to where we are, which will also give us better details on travel dates.  Blessings on your day!



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  1. It is funny how that happens, isn’t it? You never know how people are going to respond to the news. Molly’s tae kwon do instructor asked us to consider adopting a child from India next. (I didn’t tell him that we weren’t even allowed to.)

    Get some good sleep this weekend so you can stay up all night on Sunday. 🙂

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