Well, yesterday I finally got the number that makes me able to contact the embassy this evening.  What a huge blessing.  I am hoping to hear that all is moving along!  We know her documents are at the embassy in Manila now, per the National Visa Processing Center in New Hampshire….and a sweet woman named Liz.  If you have watched my kids’ favorite show, “Swamp People” you probably know what I was thinking as I was talking to her!  So tonight I will be praying to get through and hear that her appointments have been made and that she will be there soon…wouldn’t it be awesome if she had been there already?  We just wait for her to pass her medical and her interview and then we are done.

We are truly hoping to travel the first week in August but would be thrilled and overjoyed to go sooner =)  The sooner we go, the better flight times/seats we will have access to.  August gets crazy with all the Asian students returning to the states for college.  No problem getting there, but getting three seats home could get challenging as time goes by.  We have a wonderful travel agent who is Filipino and has been known to work miracles in the adoption business so we trust her.

I will let you all know in the morning if I get through to the embassy tonight!



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