Still Waiting, But Have Info…


We are still waiting for the coveted I-800 approval.  We are truly expecting it sometime the beginning of the week.  I had hoped for a little on the early side, but it’s ok.  I have not heard from them, (Homeland Security), so I am guessing that all is in order and they don’t need anything else from me.

I did talk to my case worker on Thursday morning after an email I received on Wednesday.  He has sent me the phone number to the US Embassy in Manila!  When I talked to him on Thursday he said that I should call them as soon as I receive my I-800 approval and start asking questions—making sure they have received our approval, is there anything they need from us, etc and they will tell us when her visa medical and interview appointments are.    He says when you let them ‘get to know you’ it tends to move things faster because they will contact the adoption board in the Philippines and it REALLY has helped on his last few cases.  I WILL be calling them.  =)  He also said when you are keeping in touch with them you have a better idea of scheduling plane tickets.  He says as soon as she has had her interview and passed we can buy tickets for 2 weeks later.  He is sure we are traveling in about 6 weeks so I am supposed to call his travel agent on Monday and begin having her watch flights for us for two different weeks…the first and second week in August!!  Do you realize it is almost JULY?  We know what days we will be traveling on for each of those weeks, so we just tell the agent our dates and she starts watching.  YIKES!

I have a lot to do here still as far as final room preparations and all that, but I am leaving a few things to fill our last few weeks so that I will not go stir crazy.  That’s all for now…I will let you know when something else comes up!



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  1. I should be getting important papers this week also… we can watch our mailboxes together. You are so close!!

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