Father’s Day


I wonder how celebrated Father’s Day is in the Philippines…I know they celebrate Mother’s Day, but I wonder if yesterday our girl was thinking about her dad…the one who can’t wait to bring her home.  The one who is making plans for her room and plans to be away from work and praying for the transition that our family will experience.  I can’t wait for her to see him as a model of manly love, of how a man loves and cares for his wife, his daughters, and his sons.  I want her to see him as a representative of how much God loves her.  I want her to see him as the kind of man she should choose to marry.  I want her to see him as a dad, but more than anything, I want her to see him as her protector…until he passes her off at her wedding to a godly man that will then take over that role in her life.

We put a lot of weight into a mom’s job, but the job of a father in his children’s lives is highly underestimated in our society.  I know many single mom’s doing a great job raising their kids, but I know that in my family there are many things that my kids get from Chad that I cannot even hope to offer them.  He roughhouses, he teases, he teaches them to laugh at themselves, and he teaches them that it is ok to just let loose and act crazy sometimes.  He loves sports and has passed that love and competitive spirit on to our children.  He encourages and coaches them in ways I don’t know how to.

He teaches them that God is sovereign and that He is the reason we do the things we do.  He strives every day to know God better, to follow God better, and to honor Him in all that he does.  He is the most ethical person I know.  I can’t wait for our new daughter to know him the way we all do.  Happy Father’s Day Chad!


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  1. I love this post. I hope every day that Sofia is just as lucky as I feel to meet a man to marry like her daddy. This truly brought me to tears. Its nice to hear other people feel this way about their spouse, especially when people like to complain about them more!

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