And they are off….


My oh my…I have sent these documents off to Texas….I have looked at them at least 100 times today and read them over and over.  There is nothing else I can do!  I just pray that I got it all right.  For some things I suppose I may have sent too much, but better too much than not enough!  They can shred whatever they don’t need.  Wow.  We need prayers for speed now.  Serious speed.  It should take about two weeks, but I know God can do it even faster than that.  He is so good!  We did get news last night that our girl is very excited and is really enjoying her photo album!  That is great news for all of us.  We are off to the beach as soon as school is out.  We are all seriously in need of a vacation.  =)  Blessings to you all.  Your support and prayers mean so much to us right now.



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  1. Take a deep breath and enjoy a wonderful vacation. Just think… the next time you leave for the beach, you will be a family of SIX!

  2. Love you so, so much!!! Praise the Lord that He helped you to focus and get all the details done – I’m proud of you! Thrilled you’re on vacation and that you’ll have some time together to rest and relax before the actual “birth” takes place of your new and complete family.

    From your previous post, I can truly imagine the ache of wanting to hold your sweet girl from the moment she came into the world. And I feel like that is such a beautiful sign that you ARE her mother in every sense of the word (which I knew was true, but it’s profound all the same).

    I am going to praying and believing that there will be moments in the years to come (and it’s bringing tears to my eyes as I write it), that God will give you glimpses of the little girl, the baby, the pre-teen that she was through a look in her eyes, an expression, the way she laughs, how she looks when she’s asleep. I know even with the little ones I’ve taken care of, I’ve “seen” what they looked like as an infant and sometimes got a glimpse of what they’ll look like when they’re older. And obviously, that’s just my human idea of how He will fulfill that longing – He has such mind-blowing ways of doing those kind of things that are exactly what we need but never knew we did.

    Have a wonderful time enjoying His creation and each other.

    – Julie

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