I have them!


I drove to our adoption agency this morning (after a fun time at field day) and picked up all of our documents.  There are so many…it scares me.  I know I need to just sit down and check each item off one at a time and then it will be done.  Just looking at the stack of papers overwhelms me.  However…I DO have our baby girl’s birth certificate and that makes me very happy….she weighed 5 pounds at birth, so tiny by American standards…my babies were all 5 lbs. long before they entered the world!  I am not sure what the average weight is for a Filipino baby, but I am sure it is smaller than the 8 lb average here.  =)  I can honestly say I literally ache to hold her tiny 5 pound body.  (ya’ll know how I love newborns).  She is so far removed from that now that I will never know that part of her.  I will never see a baby picture of her.  I just have to remember that God knows exactly what she looked like, and that needs to be enough for me.  I did also get a document today authorizing our agency to give her to us.  Stating us as her adoptive parents.  It is the first time I have seen it in “black and white” so to speak from the Filipino government.  JOY!

So, tomorrow I will send this one inch thick stack to Texas, to immigration, to file for our final approval on this end.  Please continue to pray for speed in processing here and then on the other end.  Pray that I get all the details right.  =)



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  1. BUT . . . someday she might give you your first grandbaby who might look just like little baby her. And then you will look at that little baby and pretend and wish and cry your face off. 🙂

  2. Amy;

    I am overwhelmed.. overjoyed……… … What a mighty God we serve…… I can “see” the JOY on your face… I can “hear” it in your voice…. tears of happiness are flowing….
    God bless you….. indeed.. I can call you friend

    Love & prayers

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