Last Monday of School


Well, this morning is our last Monday of the school year.  It is a little bittersweet for me.  I love to see my kids grow and learn and develop, but each year they just get older 🙂 and it seems that time just flies by quicker and quicker.  Samuel is already finished with kindergarten!  Talk about time flying!  And Lizzie will be entering her final year of middle school in the fall….by Christmas Thomas will be halfway through middle school.  Some of our best friends ARE starting high school in the fall and I have this feeling my kids will be there in about 2 minutes.

But with this adoption in process there is also an air of excitement about the end of the year.  The next time we have a Monday morning at school, we will do it as a family of 6.  We will be doing it!!!  We will have already started our new “normal” with two daughters and two sons.  I know the summer is going to fly by…we have so much to do, starting with a beach trip that begins this Saturday with my whole family which should be a blast.  I am going to work on getting the dresser painted this week that will match Lizzie’s.  There are two beds…and almost two dressers in a room for two girls!  We are also going to start cleaning out Lizzie’s room so that is prepared for someone new to put their things in the closet and on the shelves.  A busy summer indeed.

We are still waiting for some documents.  We thought they might arrive on Friday, but are guessing it will be the beginning of this week.  We did get word that our girl got the photo album that we sent with all the pics of the house, the fam, even the dog, and fun things we like to do together.  I hope she is enjoying it as much as we are enjoying the THOUGHT of her having it!  Blessings on your day!



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