Happy Dance


I am doing two dances right now.  The “happy” dance and the “panicked” dance.   HAPPY=WE HAVE LEGAL DOCUMENTS!!!!!!

PANICKED=Chad is in Chicago, we have a ton of documents to sign/notarize and send to immigration.  I have sent them all to him…he is signing, notarizing, and overnighting all the documents to me.

This is important friends…these are our FINAL DOCUMENTS.  Every t must be crossed and every i dotted.  Please pray for me that I will not be so oanicky that I make a mistake.  Details are not my strongest point.  Please pray that the Lord would give me peace and focus as I prepare all of this with Chad so far away.  Also, please pray for speed for the processing.  I am starting to think we are getting behind on our travel dates.  WE NEED THIS TO GO QUICKLY.  Again, I am fully aware of the sovereignty of God…just praying for him to take over and do His thing.

YAY!!!!  Blessings, Amy


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