Next Steps


Well, as well as I can estimate, we should hear today from the Philippines that they received our funds and that our photo album has arrived.  I hope they get it to her quickly!  I am praying for speed in the delivery of her legal documents back to us.  I am not sure if they have sent them already or were waiting for our payment to send them.  Either way, I hope they are coming NOW.

This brings us to our “final” step on our side.  We now have to send off her documents to immigration and get approval for HER since Chad and I have our approval.  This is it friends.  This is the last thing that I do prior to traveling.  Please join me in praying for SPEED…speed of delivery, speed of processing once they are here and then SPEED on the other side once our part is done.  I am actually calling Delta today (!) not to book flights, but to check and see what the actual adoption discount will be if we fly when we are estimating.  WOW.  That is huge!

It’s funny I say we are at the final step, because right now my main goal is just to get her home.  Chad’s perspective is a little different.  He doesn’t see this as our final step….he sees it as finally getting us to THE BEGINNING.  Which is so true.  It’s like planning a wedding…are you waiting for the “day” or the marriage?  Or being pregnant…waiting for the birth, when the real work is the parenting.  We are truly not even yet to the beginning, but I can’t wait to be there.

If you think about it, would you pray for our girl as well…I know she is missing someone very special to her that has also been adopted recently and I hope that receiving our photo album will lighten her heart a bit.  She is very excited to come here, but also very sad to be without her friend at this time.  God is so good, I have a great story about that as well, at a later time!


Bird Update: I saw our baby yesterday, still being fed by his parents but in a tree!  He can fly, but is still only about the size of a 50 cent piece.  YAY!


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