Way back here I mentioned how I am worth more to God than many sparrows.  That has not changed.  I need to remember that in regards to all areas of this adoption.  God has been so gracious with his VERY tangible reminders to me lately.  At our house this past week I had a “sparrow” experience where some baby sparrows kept jumping out of the nest.  (Coincidence?  Sparrows in my yard?) The mommy and daddy were frantically feeding them.  The babies were practically bare, with very few feathers, not at all at the “fledgling” stage.  As I watched the babies (and attempted to put them back in the nest only to have them jump out again) I was reminded of how God takes such good care of us.  He WILL take care of us regardless of our choices, but it sure is easier when we stay in the nest.  One of the babies did not survive the first night, and as I buried him underneath my strawberry plants, the daddy bird watched….I told him I was upset too, and why wouldn’t his baby just stay in the nest???? 

The next 2 days proved harrowing as I tried to make sure the second baby was not trampled by small children, or eaten by dogs, or run over by a lawn mower. But as I watched his mommy lead him across the yard for the last time (to our neighbors yard)  I was so pleased to see that he had tripled his feather count and looked SO GOOD.  It must partially be due to the boys digging up grubs for the parents to feed him (which they appreciated immensely) but mostly it was due to the diligence of his parents to care for him.   It was such a good lesson for me in that God is such a good parent and understands good parenting so well, that all of his creation demonstrates good parenting.  I often wonder if animals are better parents than we are =).  Which then leads me to my own inadequacies…both as a parent to my own children and as a child of God.  How often I jump out of the nest…how often I need God to keep hopping along beside me feeding me as I go.  AND with my own children this is such a precious reminder to just stay close.  They WILL jump out of the nest, it is mine and Chad’s job to stay close and keep chirping (reassuring) and feeding (especially the Word of God, not just our words.)  It also reminds me that Chad and I have to stick together…and keep chirping at each other.  I wish I had a TON of pictures of these babies, but I only have a few from the first day….this baby was absolutely beautiful the last time I saw him even though he couldn’t fly yet.



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