Official Notice!


We were blessed this afternoon to get an official notice from the Philippines with an invoice detailing that our match was indeed official!  As much as I knew this was true already, I needed the OFFICIAL go ahead.  I asked my case worker if this means she is “really ours”.  He said that although the adoption is not yet considered final, she is more ours than anybody elses.   🙂  I will take it!  Praise God!

We were able to send her the photo album with all of our photos and letters in it as well as our funds that we owe to the Philippines.  So many of you have helped through  your prayers and gifts with this funding and I want you to KNOW that as I wrote the check and sent the invoice to Lifesong that I was thanking God for each one of you.  We did receive a “surprise” today also.  I guess it was just a misunderstanding but the final amount we owed to our adoption agency was due today also.  We thought we would owe it after she had been here 6 months which would be the beginning of the year.  SO, as I wrote the check for today, I also used much of the money we had intended to use for our plane tickets.  Some of you have asked if we are still in need of donations…the answer today is YES.  We thought we were farther along than we are, but have come SO FAR that we trust that the Lord will provide for us what we need to finish this adoption.   Thank you in advance for your prayers regarding this.  God is not surprised at how much I owed today and he will provide the rest.

Thank you for rejoicing with us AGAIN today as we move forward.  We are now waiting on her legal documents (birth certificate, etc) so that we can send them off to immigration for final approval.  Then that approval will go back to the Philippines and we will be waiting for her passport and other documents to be travel ready and then we will go!  Please continue to pray for speed in processing as we wait.



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  1. Amy & Family;

    God bless you! Praying for all this to come together quickly…God will supply “all” your needs.. according to His richness in Heaven…

    Keep in touch.

    Love & prayers


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