Enjoying the Goodness of God


Well, I seriously have no news to report. Maybe later this week or the beginning of next week. For right now, we are just enjoying the fact that we are in a very good place and things are moving along just as they should. We know our girl is happy and looking forward to coming and our kids are excited. For now, we are just going to sit in this pool full of happiness. We know full well that life often gets in the way of enjoying the goodness of God. Our busyness distracts us, our dealings with others distract us, the things of the world are very distracting. I have a good friend who mentioned the other day on her blog how being “down” or sharing your problems is actually more socially appropriate these days than when asked saying, “Everything is great!” That you must be bragging or something if you mentioin that your life is going well. I think the misconception there is that “great” means “perfect”. And in case you were wondering, nobody is living there in “perfect world”. But in keeping with my friend’s idea, we can choose to be happy and rejoice in all that God has and continues to provide us! And deal with the not so great things without giving them our emotional energy. Blessings! ♥amy


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