One More Step


We just returned home from Georgia this morning and had a very official looking envelope from the Department of Homeland Security. Turns out, it WAS very official. It had our approval of our I-800A form which declares Chad and I suitable to adopt from a Hague Convention country. We were a little worried this might take a few weeks more (hence our fingerprinting rush) and we were very pleased that it worked! As soon as we have her legal documents we can send them back off to Homeland Security with the I-800 form which approves HER as the child we are adopting…that is our last step on this side. WOOHOO! It feels great to be one step closer. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed everything to move along at a quick pace!
We are still rejoicing over all of our news from last week and went out for a special celebration on Thursday night. We went to Maxwell’s Tavern here in Waxhaw which is where we went the first night we REALLY talked to the kids about the adoption. It was where we started our decision making talks. It was Lizzie’s idea that on the day she “officially” was made ours, that we should eat there again…(and it might have something to do with the awesome fried pickles as well). Anyway, it was a great evening. Thank you for all of your excitement for us and your sweet notes.



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