Happy Mother’s Day


I have always loved Mother’s Day. My sweet husband has always done such a great job of celebrating it for me and this year was no different. Even though he was leaving early this morning he treated me like it was Mother’s Day all day yesterday. Lunch out with just he and I, presents from he and the kids, and just lots of love!!! Then this morning my sweet kids got up and made me breakfast in bed…and Thomas clicked on my iPad. There was a Skype message from the Philippines that said “the social workers let it slip, ______ knows her last name is Martin”. Now there has been some tips in the last week that she knew, she seemed happy suddenly, where there had been worry and tension, she was bouncy and enthusiastic. She also was dropping some hints that she knew it was us, but we were unsure of how she found out. The thing that cracks me up is that I knew she was feeling down and had been praying HARD that she would have peace, that she would not be afraid. And then a social worker let it slip…accident? No way. Not in my mind, more like divine intervention. :).
Then I think of my kids making pancakes and bacon (microwave) this morning and I am so excited when I think next year there will be 4. And one of them will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day with a real mom. One that is willing to fight for her. One that wants her with every fiber of her soul.
I guess this year Mother’s Day has a little different poignancy for me…thinking of kids who wish they had a mother who adored them so they could celebrate her and her love for them. Kids need moms. Kids need moms who would move heaven and earth to keep them safe and sound. Many kids do not have that…none of us want to know the numbers. Worldwide there are literally millions of orphans who no one is fighting for. I can’t fight for them all, but I am fighting for this one girl!!! I can’t wait until she is finally my daughter!
Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Blessings, amy


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  1. I was SO excited to read this post and wanted to hug you at church this AM, but we went tearing off and I never got to say, “YIPPEEE!!” I was telling J and and the kids and Addie ran to her room and dumped out her whole piggy bank and said she was going to give it to you, so you could hurry up and get that girl here. 🙂 Love it.

  2. There aren’t enough “likes” for this one. You must be so relieved. Praying for good news on Thursday (again).

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