Wednesday/Thursday again


I am assuming we did not match last Thursday…I think I would have heard by now. The good news is…in 24 hours it will be Wednesday night, which is Thursday morning in the Philippines. :). Again we will pray and trust God for his perfect timing. Please join us. We know it is going to happen…the when is in God’s hands.
We did have a great weekend…the garage sale that a group at our church put on went GREAT…with over $600 earned…then after a lady called to tell me she and her husband are matching the earnings! So much more than I ever could have hoped for! We feel so blessed and humbled by the generosity we have experienced! Then on Sunday we bought a few things for the girls’ room. The makings of a headboard and a is really looking CUTE. I will post pics when it is a little more complete. Then yesterday afternoon I had the blessing of some friends sharing with us that they had a beautiful map of the Philippines that they wanted to give us!!! It is definitely going on the wall in their room…so many blessings in the midst of our waiting. I think God knows I would come unglued with no activity so he has filled many of my days with incredible blessings from those around us to remind me that his activity is happening, even though the matching has not happened, he is active in so many ways, that I know his timing is perfect in the matching also.

Blessings, Amy


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  1. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you guys and am so excited to hear of God’s working in your lives.

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