12 Hours Ahead


It is 8 am on Thursday morning in the Philippines as I type this.  I can only pray that today is the day.  I got an email from my case worker here today that he contacted the ICAB last night because he had not heard from them and they said they had everything in order for matching…her file is complete.  They did not say that they would match us today, but they didn’t say they wouldn’t either.  I am praying and hoping for today…I will let you know once I hear one way or the other.  The sad truth is, I think I am living under the naive assumption that they do not have any cases that are higher priority than mine 🙂 Although I have moments of delusional thinking I am sure that is not really the case even though I want it to be!  Once again, I am trusting God for his timing.  Please join me in praying that IF this is the time, than it would happen in the next 12 hours…thank you.  Your prayers mean more to us than you can possibly know!



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