Well, here we are, the Monday following Spring Break.  We had a nice week, nothing too exciting…a movie, lots of hanging out and playing outside.  Finishing our photo album and our letters to our girl. 

The biggest news I have for today is WE HAVE A BED…I feel like I got a crib for a new baby.  But really it is a double bed mattress and boxspring that has been in Chad’s sister’s guest room for less than a year.  She is changing that room into an office and no longer needs a bed in there SO we are the lucky recipients of a new bed!  Chad’s dad brought it up this morning and we are setting it up later on.  The room transition has begun.  🙂  Lizzie is very excited!

We are praying for matching this week…please join us.  Especially on Wednesday night here, which is Thursday morning in the Philippines.  I am hopeful and yet, I also feel like I have hit somewhat of a slump.  I so badly want it to happen but am afraid to get my hopes up for them to be dashed once again.  I know God’s timing is perfect, but I am so quick to slip back into doubt and confusion about why it seems to take so long!  I read a great post yesterday by Beth Moore, about Easter.  It is a great reminder of how I should be feeling now and letting this go…she said, ” In the quake of the Cross, hopelessness slipped through the trembling cracks of earth and fell with an everlasting sentence into the bottomless abyss.”  With so much HOPE how can I feel hopeless?  I know that  the enemy wants to beat me down.  I know he is a joy stealer.  I know he wants me on this roller coaster of doubt, and sometimes not just a roller coaster, it feels like a tidal wave at times.  AND THEN, God steps in…and I get an email about a group of friends holding a garage sale this weekend with us receiving all the proceeds…and another one telling me that our story was told as part of a devotion in Jamaica…and a phone call about a free bed coming our way…and emails from Lifesong, telling us of the amazing generosity of those who love us and are supporting our adoption fund.  Praise Jesus.  I know he is battling for me, reminding me that EVEN WHEN I FALTER, he is ever so FAITHFUL.  When I feel hopeless, I hear him screaming, “NO!  I am your only hope.  It was finished the  minute I rose from the dead!”  That long ago…hopelessness was finished, my enemy was finished.  Every doubt he sends my way is him struggling against the ineveitable.  He loses.  He has already lost me, but wants me discouraged so I can not speak of my great joy…and my hope.  My hope will never lie with the Filipino government, it will lie and RISE with Jesus!  I am going to keep that wrapped around my heart and mind this week as I wait. 



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