A Special Photo


I thought you all would enjoy seeing one of the photos we are sending with our photo album.  It goes along with my post about HOPE when we found out that our girl had written hope on her arm in hope of a family.  Well, since that day every person in our home has had “HOPE” written on our arms as we wait for it to be revealed to her that God has heard her prayers.  We are sending this photo in her album…

Also, with our album, we are each sending letters.  I have sat down to write my letter and have been stumped each time.  How do you explain to a child that you can’t wait to be her mom?  How do you assure her that it will be OK, even though she must be terrified?  It is the strangest experience  I have had so far in this experience…although I am sure I am in for a LOT more experiences that I can not begin to imagine or expect.  I will let you know if  I hear anything new!



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  1. I think just seeing that photo will flood her heart and assure her that she has a mom, dad, brothers and a sister who are so thoughtful and so in tune with her needs. She will feel loved immediately seeing that something that would seem so small to most (the word hope) meant something so much more to her family! You have the most healing way with words. I have definitely been on the other end of your healing words many times. Just WRITE…don’t think….write from your heart. I love you, Amy!!!

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