Spring Break


Well, it is Monday morning of Spring Break.  We still know nothing and probably won’t for another week or so.  I am pretty sure now that they will not meet on our case this week because it is a holiday this Thursday in the Philippines. 

In other news Chad and I are going to get fingerprinted this morning.  Please pray that they will see us as we are going about 2 weeks before our scheduled appointment =) at our case workers advice.  We will have one more thing checked off our list, which is a huge blessing!

Also, Lizzie has been working like crazy to complete a photo album that we can send to the Philippines as soon as our girl knows!  We each are writing letters to her (short ones) and are sending tons of pictures of the house and stuff we love to do as a family.  It is fun to see what Lizzie enjoys about our family as she puts it together for her!  We were going to do this fancy scrapbook and then our case worker suggested we do a little one (from the dollar store) so that it was cheaper to mail.  We might do the big one for Chad and I to take to her when we go to pick her up or wait and make it together with new memories once she is here!

Blessings on your day…wherever you are!  Please pray they will let us get fingerprinted!



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  1. Dear neighbors. I spent some time reading of your journey today. I’ll admit I was brought to tears as I read of your excitement, your love and your tremendous faith. Angie joins me in telling you that we are not only excited for you but we are also proud of each of you for allowing God to use you in this way. You each set fine examples for others to follow.

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