SHE KNOWS…SHE KNOWS…SHE KNOWS.  She knows she is being adopted.  EVERYONE knows she is being adopted.  I could jump out of my skin today, because there is one piece missing still…she doesn’t know WHO yet!  I am praying that she finds out as soon as the meeting is done and it is official that she is ours!

I literally cannot explain my anticipation today….it is off the charts!  She has even already had her visa medical done so she only has one more thing to do there.   There is quite a bit here still with immigration paperwork, but still, it gets us even closer to our goal of bringing her HOME.

Keep praying!


***UPDATE:  I just told Samuel and he thinks she might be “peeing” herself.  That might be an understatement!


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  1. YEEEEEAAAAA! So exciting! Do you think she suspects? How does she feel? Am I voicing all the thoughts screaming through your brain? This is so fun!!! I wonder if this is how God feels when he is waiting for us to realize that he’s adopting us. 🙂

  2. So your girl sees your facebook posts, right? Any chance she has put two and two together about all your mysterious statements? Exciting stuff. Praying for your girl today…

  3. Amy…my heart is beating so hard!!! I can’t imagine how yours is staying in your chest!!! PRAISE OUR FAITHFUL FATHER!!!! HE IS SO GOOD!!!

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