Thursday~Philippines=Wednesday Night here


Hi everybody!  I am coming to you with a prayer request today!  We are so excited because we believe our “matching” meeting will take place on Thursday.  After we are matched we are under the impression that they will tell our girl.  Please pray that the meeting would happen and go smoothly then PRAY for our girl as she finds out the news. 

We know she is bound to be very overwhelmed, (she doesn’t think this is possible), and frightened at the prospect of leaving everything and everyone she has ever known to come to live with a family where she has only met ONE person.  In addition to all those feelings we are praying she feels excitement and anticipation and realizes that the actual hand of God has planned this for her.  Right down to the final details and timing.  I can not imagine the thoughts that will be spinning through her sweet head.  Also,  I think we need to be praying that she does not feel guilty for those she will leave behind.  I am sure there is some guilt in being “chosen” when others have not.    Chad is out of town this week so I am sad that we will not be together as a family as we hear this news…but he is only a phone call away.  I had the most amazing feeling of anticipation and butterflies wash over me today.  Her knowing she is being adopted somehow makes this whole thing a LOT more real to me!  I hope you are having a blessed day today!



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