What’s Your Name?


My wife told me this morning that I needed to write another blog post because she wanted something new to share and she was busy volunteering at Samuel’s school…I always listen to my wife so here it goes…

 As we work through this journey with our family we have made every effort to help our kids understand that when the adoption is final and “she” gets home (I don’t think I can say her name on the blog) that we will not be sharing our home with a guest but rather everything we have will also be hers as well.  This is not always easy to understand and comprehend…She will be our daughter, sister, and member of the team!  In order to help myself with this lesson I have made every effort to say her name whenever we discuss the adoption.  This makes it personal and reminds me of the face that goes with the name…I believe this helps each of us make the connection. 

As some of you know I love sports and was fortunate enough to play on several basketball teams during my youth.  I loved being on a team.  Trying out was always stressful, but once you made the team…then all the pieces were together.  The first few weeks of practice, the coach would always call you by your last name…”Hey Martin…Can’t you hit a free throw?!  But eventually the team bonded and everyone was given a nickname that you usually earned and had a special meaning that only the “team” understood.  For example, we had Big James, Boat, Tiny, and Big Nasty…just to name a few.  These new names meant you were now part of the team and the team sticks together through the wins and the losses.

The Bible is full of examples of similar situations.  After God called “Abram” he changed his name to “Abraham” and He also changed Saul to Paul.  You see…they were now on the ultimate team…Team God!  They were bonded by a common purpose and goal.  Thankfully we don’t have to try out for Team God because we would never make it.  It’s through His grace that He says, “I want you on My Team…just come as you are!”

Names are important…That’s the reason I try to make sure I say “her” name as often as possible.  She will now be part of our family…Team Martin.  This seems so strange since I have never met her and am still working through how we will handle this transition.  Having said that we are full of excitement and anticipation…We are ready for the Try-outs to be over!  While we don’t have all the answers we trust that God has put this team together and through His strength we will work through the ups and downs.  As I type I can’t help but smile when I begin to think about the crazy (yet meaningful) nicknames that will come from the time of bonding as we form the new Team Martin. 

 By His Grace…Chad


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