Peripety in Progress


Ok friends…I promise this is the last thing you will hear about peripety…it is fun to say though, you have to admit!   This morning, after my whole big “peripety” post I was driving to my bible study when my phone pinged me that I had a FB message.  It was from the Philippines, sharing with me to pray all day today for our girl as she is doing the evaluations mentioned on my freak out day.  The other part of this message was that “She” knows something is UP.  She is a bright girl, and has realized that something is changing and I would bet she also knows she is not privvy to it.  I would pay a very large sum to be a fly on the wall in girls’ room last night as they talked about what it might be.  I wonder if she has guessed it!!!  I am not sure that thrills you the way it does Chad and I and the kids but WOW.  We can’t wait for her to see how God has laid this whole thing before her.  How he has answered her HOPE and one blessed day in the near future I will get to hear her tell me when she first had an idea…and I will tell her all about peripety.  Praise Jesus.



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