All is OK


Ok, thank goodness the Philippines is 12 hours ahead. All is ok. The paperwork that I thought needed to be done directly AFTER matching is being handled this week, so she can travel, etc. with no problem. Matching will probably happen NEXT Thursday, which is fine. The relief that washed over me is indescribable. I know this journey is going to be more like a roller coaster than a stroll down a country lane, but boy am I glad this one was being handled already and my fears were completely unfounded. Just to prove to me, I am sure, that God is still on his throne, exactly where he belongs. WHY am I so prone to forget??? WHY do I continually try to control when I am absolutely NOT in control. I am so thankful for his grace, so thankful for his mercy this morning. Just a warning…if you read this blog regularly, this will probably happen again. In the near future. Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. You are loved Amy!!! Your willingness to share your life and this journey with us is so appreciated. And yes, the worry was your choice but it took you to the right place…to THE throne of Him who has it all together! and you invited us there too. Glad we can be part of this.

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