Romans 8:25 NIV
But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

I need to write this on an index card (or 10) and put them all over my house…my two biggest words right now, HOPE and WAIT!
Our dossier arrived in the Philippines YESTERDAY. The earliest they will meet on our file is NEXT Thursday, but would you all join me in praying THIS WEDNESDAY and WEDNESDAY NIGHT that they might rush through so we can get the matching part done?  They are 12 hours ahead of us, that is why we are praying on Wednesday.  Every Wednesday until I know, I will be praying all day.   Then our girl can know! Anyway, the earliest our case worker thinks it will be seen is NEXT THURSDAY at the matching meeting—but they have 4 weeks to do it. We are praying because they know our situation is high priority they will let us be seen next Thursday.

Today I sent off our initial immigration paperwork.  What a strange feeling.  If you ever want to read something confusing go to the web site having to do with immigration.  I AM AN AMERICAN and am hard pressed to understand the lingo on those pages.  I can’t imagine trying to figure it out if I were not a native English speaker.  After we sent it (express mail) I had sheer panic…did I do it all right????  We should hear back from immigration anywhere from 60-90 days.  I am going to pray speed through that process also!

Today I am finishing up our application for “Lifesong for Orphans”.  It will be going to the post office this morning.  They are a great organization that helps families fundraise for adoptions.  People can give to them on our behalf and they will direct the funds to specific adoption or travel costs.  The giver gets a tax-deductible receipt.  We are very excited to get this part of the process completed!  Several people have approached us about helping with our adoption costs, so very soon that will be up and running.

All in all we are very much at peace with where we are right now…the kids and I are going to begin working on videos and a photo album to send to her once she knows we are adopting her.  We are going to do a full “home tour” and also let everyone send her a video message as well!  After all this paperwork it will be fun to start working on something FOR HER…because she is really the reason we are doing all of this anyway 🙂



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  1. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be patient. I will be praying. It is helpful for me to remember that strength will rise AS we wait upon the Lord–not before we wait and not in conclusion. This is an infuriating but awesome truth. So you get the strength to wait once you wait. Grrr. 😉

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