Not only has our dossier left the agency enroute to the Philippines, but TODAY we received an official copy of our home study and a whole big packet of immigration paperwork that we can now file. WOW. I am filing the initial paperwork to make our girl an American citizen. There are not words to express what that means to me. On one level it means this is REALLY happening. We are past theory and into practice. On another level, I think of what being an American citizen will mean to HER. The opportunities she will have just exponentially increased. Sometime very soon this whole thing will be “final”, probably in the next few weeks. All that will be left after that is for them to finish the paperwork and then we can go pick her up =) As soon as our referral is final I will be able to give a lot more info. Especially after she knows…which will happen at the same time we finalize our referral. I can’t wait to tell you everything about her. She is such a great girl.

I have recently received a video of her. It is her Children’s Home video…she is chatting about all of her favorite things. When asked how we can pray for her she said, “For family” After my HOPE message the other day it blew me away again. I love hearing her voice. I love that all of us can hear her voice and her accent. It makes her MORE ALIVE, to all of us. Not just an image in photos. I miss the sound of her voice! I had forgotten it has a faint raspiness to it. I adore it.

Last night I woke up several times, not sure what I was dreaming but with the edges of her around my mind if that makes sense. Every time I woke up my heart was POUNDING, not with fear, but with anticipation. I think I must have been dreaming about Chad and I arriving there…I never picture her here in my dreams, only there. I guess it is because she hasn’t been here yet. I see the courtyard often. And she is on the bench, waiting for me….the bench is just behind the trees…


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