I wish I had something so exciting to share with you…the only thing I have to say is that our dossier is officially complete (until I hear something different) and should leave the country on Monday. I can not thank our case worker and all the people at our agency that have worked so tirelessly to get this done. They realize the time crunch and the importance of our situation. I am not sure we can ever thank them enough.
Our agency was aided in getting started by my mother’s best friend. She had a passion for adoption and helped them get this agency going, serving for many years as President of the Board. She gave me my bridal shower and my baby shower (with Lizzie). Today, the day that our last document was filed for our dossier we also celebrate 5 years of her being in heaven. I thought of her today while I was there. I know she is proud of me. I know she will do whatever she can to plead my case to the only one who has the power to truly give it God~speed. I will never forget Father Filmore’s words at her funeral when he mentioned that heaven will never be the same, because that girl takes up a lot of room. She has a huge personality! If anyone will persist at getting the ear of God on my behalf…it is her. GO TERRY!!


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