Stuff to Finish


Ok. I just got an email of all the stuff I need to get done before our dossier can leave for the Philippines the beginning of next week! We are so excited! So if you think I seem crazy between now and Friday that is why. We have to create a “photo album” that I was not aware of so I am printing photos like a crazy woman!! We also have to fill out a big packet of immigration paperwork. Yuck. Chad is on that one! Please pray for us in these final details that we would not feel stressed….

Blessings, Amy


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  1. Amy,
    My heart is bursting for you and I am so glad we’ll get to meet her this summer as we’ll be on home assignment(whatever that means because we’ve never done that, YET)….

    In this frantic next few days, allow your worries to be cast on the strong shoulders of our very big God! (I’ll try and take that advice myself as we are in the US this summer!)

    I’ll private message you about my yesterday. It brought me to tears and well, it reminded me of you and of Karen Helms. And timing, and listening to the whispers of God….because in those moments he is refining us and using us for His purposes, not our own.

    Love you, and can’t wait to eat at ChikFilA as families this summer….

    • Oh Cathi! I can’t wait either! I read your inbox and it just about knocked me off my feet!!! God is so GOOD! He so led you to this job as a ministry for him. I will be praying for her safe delivery and that she will remember often your conversation! Blessings, Amy

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