Sweet Destiny


I am currently working through a bible study of Esther with my Thursday morning ladies.  It has been a very good study and SO timely for me.  Esther’s life is all about timing.  Isn’t God’s timing always perfect?  How rarely I give him credit for his timing.  I hate to wait.  And yet I am trying to refocus my waiting on enjoying the blessing of what God has in store in His timing.

The other thing I find to be fascinating about the life of Esther is that she had a DESTINY.  God’s plans for her were laid out before the foundations of the earth.  God was not suprised to find her “Queen Esther of Persia” when a horrific genocide was about to commence.  He was not surprised that a young orphan girl was made queen with no one knowing of her Jewish heritage or her lack of lineage.  Stay with me here….what I love about this story on one level is that she was an ORPHAN, with no lineage…and God chose her to do something unbelievable!  Because his timing was so perfect and he had placed her with a loving uncle who would parent her well and encourage her to do this crazy thing that could cause her death if the King chose it.  It makes my heart soar…an orphan, with nothing, can do great things for the kingdom of God.  Chad and I have begun to pray earnestly that our girl would be able to do great things for the kingdom of God.  That by coming here, by being adopted by us, that she might be about to intersect with God’s plan for her life.  That she has much untapped potential.  That she can show the world that orphans can do great things if they would only get the chance.

And don’t even get me started on MY TIMING.  Chad and I have discussed more times than I can count how unbelievable this timing is.  God has been doing a mighty work in both our lives in the past year.  He has given us both much courage, on many levels.  We know it is Him alone, he was growing our courage so that when we needed courage like never before, we would already know how to access it.  Some days I do not feel courageous in any way except that I know I serve a God who has never been anything BUT courageous.  And his Spirit in me will give me that same courage.


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