I am looking forward to a week filled with normalcy!  I have only one adoption related thing to do and it involves running to the office in Matthews.  I am going to do that THIS MORNING!  I am going to grocery shop and do laundry.  I am going to carpool for Lacrosse practice and go to soccer practice.  I am going to work on bible study and trade around the videos.  All these are seemingly mundane.  But I have found my mind wandering, much as I have during my pregnancies, about how it will be when…practice, cooking, household chores.  What will it be like to mother 4?  Also, I am pretty sure that my normalcy will never be what it was before, EVEN NOW, before she arrives.  Partly because I now feel like a piece of our family is very far away.  Try adding a massive earthquake and the warning of a tsunami where our child is and I am practically undone. 

I am seriously contemplating homeschooling our 4th, at least for a semester to let her get settled and to get a feel for where she is academically.  Maybe add in some Grace Academy. All of this adds a new dimension to my  thoughts.  Will she want to be with me most of the day?  How will our days function in those early weeks?  How will my other kids feel about how much of my time she is getting?    I have thought about this every time I have had a new child, as I am sure all of you have.  How can you share your time even more when you feel stretched in a million directions already?  However, I know for sure that God will handle all those details…I wouldn’t call them worries, so much as just the wanderings of my mind as I go about my daily tasks. 

As an add on to my last post about HOPE, every person has it on their arm now in my family.  We are committed to keeping it on until our girl knows that God has heard her requests.  If anybody knows of a danger related to permanent markers on skin, please let me know. 🙂



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  1. All I can say is….I love you so much…..
    for making me hope
    for making me cry
    for making me laugh out loud.
    I might have to write hope on my arm, too!

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