Not too Exciting


Hi friends!  I wish I had something new and exciting to share…but I do not!  All of our paperwork is DONE and turned in…that is exciting to me, but maybe not so much to everyone else.  I am working this week at getting my house ready for Thursday-our home visit.  I am ready to get that finished so that our dossier can head off to the Philippines.  Please pray for our kids!  They will have to meet with the social worker by themselves and my biggest hope is that they will be themselves!  I want her to get to see who they really are!  Lizzie and Thomas both have to write letters of consent as required by the Filipino government.  They will both do that during their private meeting with her also.  I am guessing she will coach them along. 

Chad and I are also in the process of taking an online class.  We are more than halfway done, so we should be completely done before she comes on Thursday.  We were kind of dreading the class, but it has had an insane amount of great information and opportunities for he and I to discuss how we will parent her, especially in the early months.  Looking so forward to putting some of the ideas into practice. 

Thank you for all of your prayers.  We have certainly felt them in all of our decision making.  We know that God is blessing us through your faithfulness. 



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