An Adopted Girl


Once again today I was given a gift straight from the heart of God.  I was out with Lizzie and two of her friends working on a school project.  They were trying on clothes at various stores and videotaping themselves.  The point of the project is to show how you can dress very fashionably while shopping at stores that would not be considered name brand.  They did a great job!  I spent much of my time sitting outside dressing rooms trying not to laugh out loud at them talking like fashionistas.   Anyway, another mom asked me if I thought her daughter’s skirt was long enough because she is going on a mission trip over spring break.  I asked where she was going and mentioned how wonderful her experience would be and that I had gone on a mission trip last September, blah, blah, blah. 

 Then the girl who was the dressing room attendant stuck her head out and said she was adopted from Liberia!  I almost fell off the stool I was sitting on!  I began asking questions…and told her about our impending adoption.  She was the same age as our girl when she came to America, also to a family with three biological children.  We talked about homesickness, first impressions, leaving her home country…you name it!  She was so open and excited to tell me about her experience.  She also knows another family who adopted from the same country who WE know.  She mentioned that she would love to meet our girl and share some of her experiences with her when she arrives.  She is much older now and is attending CPCC.  I also asked about her school experience.  IT WAS AWESOME to get to talk to her!  Before I left I told her that she was most certainly my blessing from God for the day and that I would be thanking him for her in my prayers.  I left that store flying high!!



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