Comfort Zone


Chad and I have had some of the best conversations of our entire marriage since beginning this process.  He and I are so in tune to what God is doing and it has affected us the same way so often that it is scaring me a little.  We are certainly out of our comfort zone…just last night I asked Chad, “Why do you think God would challenge us in this way?  Why would he pick us?”  His simple response is “I don’t know.” We seem like the least obvious choice.  Truth is, I am pretty sure that I am never as close to God or his will as when I am completely outside of my comfort zone.  When I am there, he gets all the credit.  And the beauty of it is neither Chad nor I have ever known God so intimately as walking through the most insane process and most God honoring thing we feel we have ever done.  AND WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE UNCOMFORTABLE.

I have just finished Radical, by David Platt.  If you have ever wondered what was missing from your faith life, your church life, or how the American church has responded to the world.  Read this book.  If you are perfectly content with your church life and feel like you are doing a good job at being a Christ follower,  Don’t. read. this. book.  It will upset the apple cart in a most disturbing way.  On second thought, read it anyway.  Many of us need our apple carts upset.  I know I did.  One great point he makes that has come to mind more times than I can count is how we as Christians claim the privileges of Christianity as our own, for ALL, but the obligations of Christianity for a few who are “called”.  In Acts 1:8 Jesus said the Holy Spirit will lead us to the ends of the earth.  It doesn’t say the Spirit will lead a FEW to the ends of the earth.  When he says in Matthew 28, “Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.”,  don’t we think that applies to all of us?  But when he says, “GO, make disciples of all nations.”, we think that only applies to a few of our Christian brothers and sisters.  You see, we have made the mistake of believing that God has blessed us simply so we can enjoy his blessings, when the real fruit of our blessing comes from glorifying him with our blessings.

My challenge to you is PRAY THAT GOD WOULD SHOW YOU YOUR CALLING!  The sad truth is, many of us don’t want to know what it is.  It would challenge us to do things that are very opposite of our American culture.  He might challenge you to start hanging out with homeless people…and I don’t just mean on a Saturday at the soup kitchen.  He might challenge you to sell your possessions to give to the poor.  We have some friends who are downsizing in house size so that they have more to give away.  He might challenge you to go to a country that doesn’t feel “safe”.  He might challenge you to bring a young girl into your home and make her your daughter.  What a GLORIOUS PRIVILEGE to be right in the center of God’s will.  You will never experience the fullness of God until you are right in the middle of what he is calling you to.    I dare say it will be something way outside your comfort zone, because until you go there you don’t need him enough to fully surrender.  But with that surrender comes more joy than you have ever imagined. 

I hope I have ruffled a few feathers here…and please don’t make me go for another psych exam.



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  1. It’s always a bit scary to think, “What will God ask of me if I surrender completely to His will?” But I agree that there is a lot of blessing and intimacy with God when we offer our lives to Him to use as He sees fit. Actually, it’s cool that you mention the verse in Matthew 8:28 where Jesus says that he’ll give us rest. The very next verse says “29Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Jesus does have a job for us to do, but He can make it light. What I find comforting both here and in many other verses is that we’re not just asked to do the sacrificial actions on our own. Instead, we have Christ in us, teaching us, and empowering us to do everything He wants us to do. So when we do say “not my will but yours” to God, we can be less scared, because He will give us whatever strength we need to do whatever He asks. And we get the blessing of participating in God’s work for the short time we’re here.

  2. Yes Jason! I love the rest of the verse also! And you are right it will be “light” load if we are carrying it with his help. The greatest challenge to us without him will seem light with him. Chad and I are definitely living in the that “lightness” right now.

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