Great Day=New Information


I had a great meeting with the social worker this morning.  We had a lovely talk about pretty much everything under the sun.  She gave me a lot more insight into our first weeks/months.  I also talked with our case worker when my meeting was over and got a lot of things nailed down and came to a lot more understanding about the process ahead of us.  We are tight on time!  We already knew that, but it is even tighter than I thought.  I have many things to get done right away!  I need ALL my paperwork ready to be turned in prior to our home visit next Thursday so that our file will be ready to go!  Everything is pretty much complete except for all the notarizing.  I am making Chad go with me on Thursday to get all that done.  Anybody a notary?  I need one to go to the dr.’s office with me to notarize her signature.

 He also gave me some peace of mind about our plane tickets.  I was stressing about having to book tickets last minute but Delta offers adoption rates that are VERY GOOD RATES!!!  And you can book with only 24 hours of lead time and still get the great rates and they let you change travel dates once you are in country (Philippines) with no penalty.  I am praising God for that peace of mind today.  He also had some great ideas about things to do in the Philippines once we arrive.  I am so thankful for him! 

I am thankful for all of you as well.  Yesterday I was in a terrible funk.  Today I am much better.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  I am sure there may be another day like that somewhere in my future. 



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